El Septimo Diamond Short Dream Topaz -  Box of  10


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Gstaad - Switzerland
Vegueros Centrogordos - Tin of 16
Vegueros Centrogordos - Tin of 16
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Wick for Frangrance Lamp Large - PFL200
Wick for Frangrance Lamp Large - PFL200
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El Septimo Diamond Short Dream Topaz - Box of 10


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    Length: 4"
    Ring Gauge: 60
    Strength: Medium to Full

    Packaging: Box of 10
    Smoking Time: 55 Minutes

    Wrapper: Costa Rica
    Binder: Costa Rica
    Filler: Costa Rica

    The Zaya Collection

    Offering cigar aficionados the quintessential range of flavours, The Zaya Collection is blended from a selection of the highest quality tobaccos, aged up to 15 years, and rolled with five fillers.

    This is why cigars in this Collection range at slightly larger ring gauges, because the cigars are packed with more tobacco, hence offering more complex flavours.

    The perfection of this Collection lies in the rigorous selection of its wrappers: shiny, dark and stain-free. Slender & long cigars boast an impressive cut with a tightened quality, prolonging the creamy smoke. Medium & full-bodied cigars have an intense leather aroma with a balanced strength, offering a premium range as our standard.

    Cigars are smooth & rich, boasting a range of flavours from a sweet marzipan vanilla blend to a bitter roast of walnuts.

    Short Dream Topaz

    This dark roasted blend shows some veins and light tooth, but glistens with an oily and marbled toffee shade. Aromas are decadent with honeysuckle and rich chocolate scents.

    Retro notes are dreamy as vanilla, honey and leather notations kick your senses. The cigar finishes with long, spicy notes of roasted nuts, as the ridiculously flavorful, short gordo ends with a fuller-bodied & toasted profile.

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